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Trent Dutton MIES



Trent started his career in the theatrical lighting industry at just 15 years old, working as a rigger for a number of years before taking his first commercial lighting role in 1996.

Initially hired as an internal sales cadet, Trent’s love for lighting was apparent and soon he found himself in the position of junior lighting designer. Over the next several year Trent worked under a number of highly skilled senior engineers and developed his skills as he worked on major lighting project from mines to museums.

In 2010 Trent founded Rubidium Light. A lighting design consultancy focusing on the emerging Design and Construct market. Rubidium Light works closely with lighting manufactures and electrical contractor in this market segment to enable them to offer lighting solutions that previously could only be achieved through fully designed construction delivery. Rubidium Light also delivers projects directly for clients including environmentally sensitive projects. Rubidium Light has a strong focus on affordable quality lighting design and product selection. This is achieved hand in hand with energy minimisation through considered lighting design.

Trent has served for a number of years on IESANZ Queensland’s Chapter Management Committee and is now the President.

Trent is extremely excited with his inclusion in the IESANZ Board and has focused his recent efforts on returning tangible benefits to members and will continue this effort into the future.




Adele Locke MIES, Immediate Past President

Adele Locke MIES

Immediate Past President


Adele Locke joined the lighting industry in 2005 and has been a member of the IES since 2006. 

She has worked in many distinct areas of the lighting industry from management of a small custom luminaire manufacturing business to sales, project consultancy and management in large multinational manufacturers.  She has worked on many diverse projects including sports lighting, industrial, commercial, educational, healthcare, scientific laboratories, work environments and roadways.

Joining the Victorian IES CMC in 2007, Adele was elected President of the Victorian Chapter in 2009, completing her tenure in the role in 2012.  

Currently, Adele runs her own lighting consultancy providing energy efficient budget conscious commercial lighting designs, seminars and lighting design analysis.  She also runs a lighting design practice, which focuses on providing realistic, affordable solutions for domestic projects. 

Adele is driven by her passion for well-considered, appropriate and inspirational lighting solutions and working with people to improve their understanding of the benefits of good lighting.   She aims to change our personal landscapes through simple, effective lighting solutions, to make quality light and lighting accessible to everyone and to inspire ownership of lighting solutions in those who live with them.

Adele completed the RMIT lighting course in 2007, and has completed the Howard Brandston Masterclass and Creative Lighting course at RMIT.




Adam Carey Assoc., Board Member

Adam Carey Assoc.
Board Member



Adam Carey has had over 25 years in the lighting industry, first being introduced to lighting at the South Australian Art Gallery and SA Museum as an apprentice electrician for South Australian Department of Housing and Construction (SACON) then onto project estimation in South Australia before taking up representative roles for GEC Lighting in South Australia and Mackay North Queensland.

In 2000, he took up a NQ regional role with Thorn Lighting, a role in which he developed a passion for urban lighting and in 2005, received a Qld IES Commendation award for the lighting design work he undertook on behalf of Thorn Lighting for the Airlie Beach Esplanade. In 2006 he transferred to Melbourne to work in major projects with Thorn Lighting before becoming a founding Director and CEO of Citelum Australia in 2009.

In 2012 he lead with a technical submission recognised by representative local councils and lobbied Standards Australia and LG-002, that assisted in major changes to AS/NZS1158.6 that resulted in significant reform that will aid and improve competition in public lighting.

Adam served on the Victorian CMC in Marketing Role where he conceived and conceptualised what is now known as the IES LitRA award; recognising the value and investment that lighting suppliers invest in their representatives.

He has served on the IES Constitution and Bylaws committee since 2013 and is an active member of the International Dark Sky Association.

Adam has contributed to events at the Light in Winter Festival in Melbourne and sits as industry liaison on the Committee for the Astronomy and Light Festival held at Scienceworks in Melbourne.

Adam is passionate about quality design outcomes for Urban Lighting, the convergence of Smart Cities and the opportunity to radically improve the amenity of our outdoor spaces.

In his spare time he likes to write and paint.




Andrew Ferreira  MIES, Board MemberAndrew Ferreira MIES

Board Member


Communications and Awards




 Opportunities arise from adversity and after sustaining a career ending professional soccer injury, I developed a passion for business strategy and sales in the lighting industry in South Africa. 

Migrating to the UK in 2008, I progressed my lighting career through accepting various business development positions and studied with the Institute of Lighting Professionals, specialising in exterior applications. 
In 2010, I took hold of opportunities in Australia and I am currently the National Outdoor Lighting manager for Eagle Lighting Australia; a subsidiary of the Fagerhult Group of Companies. 

I am multi-lingual and I enjoy and excel in conceiving, developing and executing strategic business opportunities across a broad geographic market.




James Lescohier TechIES
Board Member



At a very young age, James had a fascination with electronics and intended to become an engineer. James was first involved with lighting during high school, where he enjoyed spending his lunchtimes and after school periods rigging theatrical lighting for upcoming school performances. The passion ignited, he developed his own prototype RGB LED luminaire and custom controller at the completion of his secondary studies so he could play with light on his own terms.

He studied Electrical Engineering at RMIT University in Melbourne, and upon completion graduation in 2011, moved to Adelaide to work with GHD’s Building Engineering team. This enabled him to again get involved with lighting, this time on the side of the permanent installation. He has since excelled in this position, a common technical source of information between offices. Passionate for knowledge, James completed a two-year Course in Lighting Design and Application in 2015. This was the first lighting course run in South Australia after a several year hiatus, and was organised by the IESANZ SA/NT Chapter to great success.

Thriving on a busy lifestyle, James travels regularly for both career and personal reasons, and volunteers his time to the IESANZ on both a state level as the SA/NT Chapter President and an organisation level as a Board Director. Between these commitments, James can be found at the beach walking the dog.

James is excited to be a part of shaping the future of lighting in Australia, New Zealand, and globally.




Vessi Ivanova MIES RLP, Board MemberVessi Ivanova MIES RLP
Board Member





Vessi Ivanova BE(Hons) Elec, Grad Cert Design Sc(illum), MIES, RLP has over 21 years’ experience in the Lighting industry.
Throughout her carrier Vessi has been working for a long period for Webb’s Australia Group , followed by as a Design Director for NDYLIGHT and Manager of Northrop Lighting Design Studio. Vessi is currently working with Philips Lighting as Manager , Lighting Solutions and Integrated Design .

Vessi has worked on numerous projects that have received awards for excellence in lighting design.

Throughout her career, Vessi has successfully provided innovative, creative and efficient lighting solutions across various industry sectors, including commercial, retails ,clubs, landmark attractions and public domain lighting.

Vessi has held the Presidency of the IES NSW Chapter for the period 2009-2011 and has been successful in improving on deliverables provided to the members of the Lighting Society. These improvements are a direct reflection of the time and dedication that Vessi has given to IES.




Scott Forbes PicScott ForbesMIES RLP

Board Member





Following on from an electrical trade qualification, Scott's career in ligtning began in 1989 as a cadet engineer at GEC.  Gaining industry knowledge in road lighting, flood lighting and heavy industrial/mining lighting.  Since then, Scott has continuedto develop his skills in lighting engineeering and has gained the industry-recognised qualification of Registered Lighting Practitioner (RLP).