Code of Ethics


To preserve the confidence of the community in the integrity and judgment of the Society, the Board requires members in all grades to conform in their personal, business and professional activities with the letter and the spirit of the Code of Ethics:


  • Maintain high standards of objectivity and integrity in their professional work.
  • Exercise scientific caution and regard for the limits of present knowledge in their professional reporting avoiding exaggeration, sensationalism and superficiality.
  • Seek to direct their work and disseminate knowledge toward improving the well being of individuals and promoting the aims of the Societies.
  • Strive to keep up to date in their knowledge and application of this knowledge in the areas of lighting in which they practice
  • In any situation where a conflict may arise ensure that they have defined the nature and direction of their loyalties and informed all parties of them.
  • Refer people to competent colleagues for services that fall outside their own competence.
  • Refrain from adverse public comment or criticism of the views, services or conduct of a professional colleague, unless the person's activity endangers the rights or well being of others.
  • Accept the obligation to disseminate their special knowledge of lighting by means of publication and the technical meetings of the Society, and in doing so to acknowledge any others who have contributed to the information presented.
  • Not lay false claim to professional qualifications, affiliations, characteristics or capabilities for themselves or for their organisations.
  • Not allow their names to be used in connection with their services in such a way as to misrepresent the nature and efficiency of these services.