What is the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand?

The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand Ltd is an organization with Chapters in the five mainland States of Australia and New Zealand. The Society operates under the name:
IES: The Lighting Society.

The aim of the Society is the advancement of the art and science of illumination and the dissemination of knowledge to all interested parties. The Society's diversified membership includes engineers, architects, educators, students, contractors, manufacturers and designers.
There are two types of membership available; individual and corporate (or company).
For further information on membership contact the Secretariat.

What does the IES offer you?

Professional Development
Technical Meeting and Conferences - Each of the Chapters conducts regular technical meetings at which original and review papers are given by members or invited speakers. Members and visitors can compare views, exchange information as there is always ample time allowed for discussion at each meeting.

A Lighting Convention held from time to time provides a forum at which multiplicity of topics are discussed and new ideas and products promoted.

Each Chapter publishes a regular local newsletter. In addition the Society publishes "Lighting" magazine. This journal deals exclusively with lighting, and features original technical papers, news and product information. It is distributed to all IES members throughout Australia and New Zealand. Many interested people and institutions throughout Australia and abroad also subscribe to the Journal.

Professional Recognition
Membership of the technical grades is recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand both within the lighting industry and in the design professions and government. In addition to the benefits detailed above for the individual members of the IES, each Chapter has regular Corporate Members' nights devoted to the display and demonstration of new products to the IES members and visitors.

How does IES membership advance the lighting field?

In addition to tangible professional benefits, your membership and participation allows the IES to operate in a number of areas that benefit not just the IES members but also the community as a whole. For example:

The Society plays a prominent role in promoting lighting development and is actively represented on all committees drafting the relevant standards of lighting practice and equipment. Members take a significant part in fostering improved lighting conditions in the community, from industry through to schools, street-lighting, lighting for sport and home. The Society encourages lighting research in industry, government and educational institutions.

The Society provides lighting education through TAFE colleges and universities. The Society develops the syllabi and provides lecturers in the courses.

The Society organises seminars on specific aspects of lighting to further the knowledge and expertise of people already actively engaged in the lighting industry. Special seminars are held on specific aspects of lighting and new standards.

Public Affairs
The Society reviews and monitors legislative and regulatory developments that are lighting related at local, state and national levels.

The Society holds regular competitions and makes awards for meritorious lighting installations and luminaire design excellence. These are of increasing interest not only to the lighting designer but also the building owner and set the criteria for today's quality and shape of the future.

The Board of The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand

This Board determines and implements all aspects of IES policy, determines the constitution of the Society and governs the admission to membership. The Board also maintains liaison with such bodies as the Standards Association, Electricity Supply Association of Australia, Industrial Design Council and other such similar organisations.

Through the IES Aust. & NZ membership of the Australian National Committee on Illumination (ANCI) the Society has representation on the International Commission on Illumination (C.I.E.).

Who Should Join?
Anyone with an interest in Lighting can join the IES and all are welcome. These professions would benefit as follows:

Consulting Engineers or Designers
The IES can assist you in finding the optimum balance between performance, comfort, utilisation of energy and cost in your lighting designs through up-to-the-minute information on the latest techniques in lighting equipment, source and standards.

The IES can assist you with developing and integration of lighting, services and structure within the constraints of your building design.