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Emergency Lighting Presentation Richard Ponting represented NZ interests on LG007, the Australia/New Zealand Joint Standards Committee for Emergency Lighting, as a full participating member from 2007 until 2014. Since retirement from LCNZ and his own EL Company in that year he has been co-opted onto the Working Group for the review of AS2293 Part 2 (Servicing and Maintenance). Richard will discuss: • An update on the current position of the AS2293 Suite of Standards. • Relationship with NZ Building Code Clauses F6 & F8 • Where it is going in the next few years. • Smoke and its consequencies. • Discussion on F6 modifications to AS2293 Part 1 – Designer’s Responsibilities. Note the views expressed are individual and do not represent the veiws of the IESANZ Richard Ponting 31 May 2016
Internet Of Things & Lighting Controls PDF of the Presentation provided by Robb Evans of Organic Response, Sponsored by Mark Herring Lighting. The 145MB (ie it will take a while to download) recorded presentation itself is stored here in dropbox Robb Evans 2 Dec 2015
NZ Chapter Non Financial Plan 2015 NZ Chapter Non-Financial (and financial) plan for 2015/2016 year. Greg Williams 29 Jul 2015
The Language Of Light Presentation by Nathan Wilson-Rynell (Erco Lighting Oceania) on Richard Kelly's - the language of light. Richard Kelly illuminated some of the twentieth century’s most iconic buildings:- the Glass House, Seagram Building and Kimbell Art Museum, to name a few. His design strategy was surprisingly simple, but extremely successful. Nathan Wilson-Rynell 18 Jun 2015
LEDS - Light Source Of The Future? What are the risks for the designer and client in adopting LED technology? This presentation was given by Peter McLean of Lighting, Art and Science Pty Ltd. Peter McLean 17 Apr 2015
Lighting Considerations For Low Vision Warren Julian presented in Auckland on lighting considerations for people with low/poor vision Warren Julian 14 Apr 2015
Lightgrid Presentation Mark Wilbur (GE)'s Presentation in Auckland on Streetlighting Control Systems Mark Wilbur (GE) 10 Mar 2015
AAS - Back To Black Auckland Astronomical Society - Stardome Presentation by Steve Hennerley - Outlining the effects of light on the night sky - why we as designers need to take account of the effects of our lighting design, and commentary on the use of LED's and the potential light pollution challenge they pose... Steve Hennerley 25 Feb 2015
Daylight Control Daylight Calculations Tech Presentation by Dariusz Kacprzak, Auckland, Wgth and Chch October 2014 Dariusz Kacprzak 14 Oct 2014
LED Maintenance Factors The Meaning of (LED) Life - Determining realistic and accurate maintenance factors and thus life for exterior LED luminaires. Technical Presentation by Mark Kirkham, September 2014 Mark Kirkham 16 Sep 2014