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Course in Lighting Design and Application

What is the CLDA?

                        It is a two year course that informs, instructs and trains students in the nature of light and vision, how light is measured and described, and the principals employed in lighting and its appropriate design. The course consists 120 contact hours for each year, 240 hours being required in total for graduation, and is intended to be delivered Tuesday and Thursday evenings commencing on 4th July 2017. Each year is further structured into key areas of competency.

Year 1

-           Apply the principles of light & vision in lighting design. - Required

-           Perform photometric measurements and calculations for lighting design. - Required

-           Evaluate light sources and luminaires for lighting design. - Required

-           Integrate Color into lighting design. - Required

Year 2  

-           Design lighting solutions for built and natural environments. - Required

-           Communicate information on lighting design. - Required

-           Incorporate lighting controls into design. – Elective Option 1


-                   Maintain and enhance professional practice. – Elective Option 2


Why is this course necessary?

“Knowledge is power”, this is an often used phrase and it is entirely appropriate in the design and assessment of lighting. Consider the following:

The vast majority of information we take in about our surroundings comes to us through our vision, good lighting is essential for effective vision so lighting is an essential part of our everyday lives, regulations exist to ensure minimum requirements are met. Lighting can be costly, it can be poorly applied and it is also a significant and visible consumer of electricity, a resource increasingly under scrutiny and regulation. Clearly, careful use is called for requiring equally careful, but above all, informed consideration. Poor outcomes come from ill-informed or overzealous favoring of any one consideration over another. Sometimes ill-informed bias works, but far more often leads to inadequate lighting and definitely overlooks genuinely better lighting outcomes simply for lack of knowing anything better is possible. The best outcomes always come from a critical consideration of ALL needs, only then will the best utility from the least impact come about.

This course is presented by those with real world experience, skill and knowledge and will provide students with essential, principal based skills to undertake a balanced approach to both design and assessment of lighting schemes.


Who should take this course?

Anyone that plans, offers advice, evaluates or makes decisions concerning lighting, or its appropriate use, should be undertaking these tasks on a well-informed basis. They must either possess that knowledge or have ready access to it. If you can place yourself within this situation and wish to be more knowledgeable about light and lighting then the CLDA was created specifically with you in mind.

Where and When?  

The course will be held at the South Bank TAFE, Merivale Street, South Brisbane. The course will commence on Tuesday 4th July 2017 and will generally follow the conventional academic year with twice weekly presentations on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


Where can I get further information?

For further information, contact:


Barry Gull

     0408 887 473