Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014

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Nigel Levings is an internationally awarded Australian stage lighting designer. He has designed lights for over 400 productions worldwide. He works extensively on operas, and has designed a large portion of Opera Australia's repertoire.

Nigel’s design for La Bohème won numerous awards including a Tony Award for Best Lighting Design in 2003, and Ovation Award in 2004. He regularly conducts lectures, workshops and master-classes all over the world. Nigel is an FIES and lives here in Adelaide with his family when not travelling the world designing stage lighting or spreading his knowledge on the subject.

The SA/NT Chapter is grateful to have Nigel share his expertise and thoughts of stage and theatre lighting, and the future direction of this craft. He will present some interesting visibility issues that are encountered in the theatre, which are quite different from those we deal with in general lighting design, and will also open the floor to discuss the demise of the incandescent lamp and its unsatisfactory replacement with LED sources in stage and theatre lighting. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a leading international figure at one of our local Technical Meetings.

Event Summary

The Prince Albert Hotel
254 Wright Street, Adelaide
South Australia
Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014