Monday, Feb 9, 2015

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Light is for those gifted with clear vision: What is the future for those not quite so lucky?

Presentations by Professor Warren Julian and representatives of Guide Dogs Australia.


Warren Julian has a long and distinguished résumé in the field lighting and  lighting education. It is a special opportunity to have someone of his experience to present to us. The representatives of Guide Dogs will also
give us a unique viewpoint to lighting. With aged care becoming a big industry and DDA an always-important topic, the effect of lighting on those with impaired eyesight is a pertinent issue, and knowledge on how to design for the visually impaired becomes ever more important.


Sponsored by: Integral Lighting and we-ef

Event Summary

ANU Centre on China - World Auditorium
Fellows Lane, ANU, Acton
New South Wales
Monday, Feb 9, 2015