Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

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Presentation by Roger Sexton - Xicato VP Specifiers Services

Integration, ease of use, apps and cloud based services are driving the unprecedented success of smart mobile devices and are affecting the future of many industries which had an established and secure position in their markets. Lighting - and for that matter the building management industry - will not be exempt from this revolution.App and cloud based services are enabled by the integration of sensor and connectivity components in LED lights. Lights are installed virtually everywhere, have (electrical) power, have access to spaces, and form a dense network of 'service nodes': the 'internet of lights'.


Many types of services could be provided by such a network, such as light maintenance and management services (through implementation of on-board diagnostic sensor and monitor functions), indoor location services (through Bluetooth and optical beacon technology), and for example asset tracking services (through integration of active and passive RFID technology).


But how is this transition going to unfold? How do sensors and connectivity devices get integrated, and what is the right location for integration into fixtures? What types of wireless and wired connectivity are required? Xicato will share its vision on these topics in this talk.




After 10 years at Philips Lighting in a variety of business development and sales roles within the UK national sales organization, Roger moved to the Philips Lighting headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands to lead a variety of successful strategic lighting programs.

Roger then transitioned his focus to primarily solid state lighting where he managed a European team that explored business possibilities for new lighting technologies. Roger's final three years at Philips were in the global lighting applications department where he specified solid state lighting product roadmaps. In this role, Roger worked closely with key specifiers’/lighting architects in an iterative process testing new concepts and features in both Europe and America.

After a 20 year rewarding career at Philips, Roger joined Xicato in February 2008 as a key member of the management team.


Kindly sponsored by: The University of Sydney, Xicato and 3S Lighting

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University of Sydney
Lecture Theatre 1, Wilkinson Bld., 148 City Road
New South Wales
Thursday, Mar 26, 2015