Thursday, Aug 20, 2015

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Kit has a universal reputation as an author, educator, and researcher in lighting. Starting his career as a lighting designer at Derek Phillips in the UK, he worked as Technical Advisor to Pilkington Glass until 1976. He then returned to New Zealand as Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland, before taking the position of Head of Graduate Education in Lighting at the Lighting Research Center, at Rensselaer, in Troy, New York. Kit´s research interests include architectural lighting design; three–dimensional illumination engineering; lighting for presentation of art; and lighting design for sustainability. He has been a visiting scientist at the Getty Conservation Institute, Santa Monica, California, and as well as his teaching activities through QUT, lectures in lighting at the Victoria University of Wellington. His two books, "Lighting by Design, Second Edition" and "Light for Art´s Sake" are considered ‘must reads’ for any lighting designer.

The metrics that we use for specifying illumination levels in buildings do not relate well to the aspects of appearance that that determine peoples’ assessments of how brightly-lit or dimly-lit indoor spaces appear to be. This has become an issue of intense discussion in some quarters because as new developments in technology are being directed towards satisfying current lighting standards, they are being diverted away from delivering their full potential for developing lighting performance.


The author has proposed new lighting metrics to overcome this problem for indoor lighting. This involves a metric to give reliable indications of peoples’ assessments of the brightness or dimness of lighting, and then using this metric to specify minimum lighting levels for various indoor spaces. This proposal has stimulated new research into the concept of perceived adequacy of illumination, which has the potential to significantly change the basis of lighting standards, and with it, our notions of effective and efficient applications of general lighting practice.


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iGuzzini Showroom Sydney
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Thursday, Aug 20, 2015