Monday, Aug 29, 2016

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For those who are well versed in the AGi32 basic concepts and have a good understanding of lighting fundamentals and luminaire photometry. Students attending the 3-day AGi32 Advanced Course should be comfortable with AGi32’s modeling process and have experience using AGi32 in a professional role. Advanced seminars are conceptual as well as application based. Many of the features of AGi32 are discussed in depth with emphasis on calculation techniques and model behavior. See prerequisites for knowledge and skills required.

Course Instructor: Dawn De Grazio, LC, MIES - Lighting Analysts


Course Content :


AGI32 Advanced:


  1. Quick Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts
  2. Importing CAD files – Exploring Options
  3. Surface Types and Properties
  4. Textures
  5. Display Options in Render Mode

  6. Enhancing the Appearance of the Visualization

  7. Ray Tracing

  8. Luminaires

  9. Project Manager

  10. Scene Manager

  11. Exterior Obtrusive Light: Analyzing Glare and Spill

  12. Dynamic Edit

  13. Calculation Meters

  14. Statistical Areas

  15. Mesopic Concepts and Calculations

  16. Animations and Making a Movie

Event Summary

Lvl 13, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney - TBC
Education New South Wales
Monday, Aug 29, 2016