Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011

A combination of recent major upgrades to membership services plus an impending requirement for people in the lighting industry to have proof of qualification to sign off on specific types of documentation, the Board of Directors of ies: The Lighting Society, offer a LIMITED TIME, ONE-OFF ONLY membership amnesty.

The IESANZ has been undergoing significant changes for the benefit of members. These changes include a complete re-vamp of the IESANZ website with some additional features still to be completed, a new educational course at elementary level available throughout Australia and New Zealand, a new 50/50 venture jointly with The Lighting Council in terms of the biannual SPARC conference, new and improved lighting awards, the LIGHTING magazine etc.

The impending requirement of some energy programs to have a suitably qualified and current member of a society such as the IESANZ to sign off on lighting compliance which means that being a current member has much greater significance.  It will also mean that records of current financial membership will require much closer scrutiny to ensure that integrity. In the near future there will be a data base available for search by any member of the public. This data base for example will allow someone to search for current MIES members in their area so that they may be contacted with the view of potential work etc.

In light of the above The Board of Directors believe that it is in the best overall interests of ies: The Lighting Society at this point in time to offer a once only amnesty to recently lapsed members of the society as per the attached file.

Please note that this offer opens to Technician, Member and Fellow members. Applications should be submitted by email, fax or post with details of the lapsed membership, for example full name, current contact details, joined date, grade etc.

Please contac the Secretariat if you have any questions. Contact detals are as follows:

IESANZ Secretariat
PO Box 7077, Yarralumla ACT 2600

T: +61 2 62472354
F: +61 2 61623457

Best regards

IESANZ Secretariat
Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand