Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We had a great turnout at this month’s meeting. It was a truly special event – Designer Match – part of this
years Light in Winter festival, which as usual is providing us with so many fascinating lighting events it can
be difficult to fit them all in. We have a review of the meeting later in this edition, but suffice to say, all in
attendance had a great time listening to some unique approaches to lighting design.

The July meeting is another bumper event – part of the State of Design Lightsource event, which is being
supported by some great local businesses, and is also showcasing two IES members in the seminar series
associated with the event. Make sure you register to attend Lightsource – it’s free for industry and ensures
you can attend the New Products Night and will give you access to the design seminars on offer from David
Bird and John Ford. We have great support already for the IES New Products Night event, and I urge all the
manufacturing businesses with new product to spruik to check out the booking form later in this issue of

July also means that we’re coming up on the close of the LiDA, LuDA and LiTRA award entries for 2011. Make
sure you don’t miss out and send in your forms as early as possible. Entries close at the end of July and the
committee will not be accepting late entries this year. We’re looking forward to our usual array of fascinating
projects and also some hearty competition in the new LiTRA award. This years Awards dinner is also well
underway in the planning phase, with exciting new features like live entertainment from the Nymphs and the
1930’s theme - giving us even more reason to bring our clients along to celebrate the lighting industry at it’s

June has also brought us SPARC which was well received by the industry, and which I personally found to be
a thoroughly entertaining two days of lighting discussions.
The IES also has a new website – it has one or two teething problems, but the new format is sure to make
future communications much easier and gives us a great platform for promoting our society to the wider
construction community.

I look forward to seeing you all at our July New Products Night evening – and to some great competition
amongst the spruikers on the night.

Regards, Adele Locke
Victorian Chapter President.