Monday, Aug 6, 2012

New Chapter Management Committee installed for the South Australian Chapter

Recently, a group of people recognised that the local Lighting Industry needed a more active IES and have got together to nominate for the SA Chapter Management Committee (CMC). You will learn more about these people in this issue of “Candela”. They will be actively promoting the Society to all those involved and interested in lighting over the coming months and through next year.


The aim of the new CMC is to add relevance to the Society, provide value for members and the industry, and to keep things simple by focussing on the following initiatives;

  • Regular and high quality meetings on a diverse range of lighting topics
  • Informative and regular communication through a range of media
  • Engaging and involving other associations involved in lighting
  • Conducting a Lighting Awards Event every two years
  • Re-establishing a TAFE based Lighting Education program

Through these initiatives, it is planned to offer value for money for our members, commercial value for lighting companies and relevance to the industry and its stakeholders.

In October, the Society plans to re-launch the IES in Adelaide through a special event. Details are outlined in this edition of “Candela”, along with information on what is planned for the remainder of the year. We will soon announce the Meetings Calendar for 2013.


Preliminary details are also provided for the 2013 IES Lighting Awards. This event will be conducted in October next year with nominations closing on July 31st, 2013.


We value and welcome your input to continually improve the performance of the local CMC. Please contact any of the CMC members with ideas or topics for meetings, lighting information you want to see featured in “Candela” and any other areas where the IES can improve or should be actively operating.


The new CMC know that they have a lot of work in front of them to provide relevance and regain the confidence of all stakeholders and in particular, current members. However, we are committed to our agenda and will focus on these initiatives to achieve the aims of the Society. All we ask is your support as we work to get the Society active and relevant once again in SA and NT.