Saturday, Mar 31, 2012

If you haven’t been to the White Rabbit Gallery and ventured Down The Rabbit Hole discovering their wondrous new selection of magical works, then I insist you do!
Acompanying their usual amazing art works, hand-selected from the brightest and most intriguing Asian artists, the exhibition surpasses all expectations, the ones which I beg you to make the journey for are indeed centred around glorious light.

LuxuryLogico, a collaborative design group of two Taiwanese design groups; Luxury  Brothers, and Logico Studios,  have composed, orchestrated and choreographed one of the most mesmerizing and delightful art works I have yet encountered.

Scripting was initially created in conjunction with a famous Taiwanese contemporary dancer for interaction. Both the installation and the dancers moved besides, along, beneath and above each other, forming a complex duet. Here there is only the light to be viewed.

Utilising T5 fluorescent and a complex kinetic control system (not the dimming type we’re use too), LuxuryLogica has created a ballet of light in rhythm with hypnotic classical music. The lights rise and fall, and modulate from side to side in a simple graceful dance.

LuxuryLogica’s other artwork on show comprises of over 100 LED lamps housed within a myriad of discarded and donated shades. Their arrangement is in a circle creating a pulsating sun, controlled by an intricate Dali control system. Each lamp has its own entity and purpose, but together they all work in harmony as one, creating a myriad of illuminated graphics.

Their works celebrate unity, of individual beings /entities being brought together, familiar objects taking on new nuances and identities, introducing us to the vernacular in unexpected and surprising ways. There’s an ephemeral nature to their interventions, and a resonating harmony to connect all things on a universal level….and they have achieved this through the use of light…

Visit the White Rabbit Gallery at 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia