Tuesday, Jul 3, 2012

The upcoming start to the new financial year means that it is IES membership renewal time, so it would also be an appropriate time to consider the benefits of being part of our professional society.
We are currently seeing the field of lighting change more rapidly than ever before. There are ever more ‘experts’ (real and not so real) who are having a say in lighting matters.

Legislation is also having more of an effect on the field of lighting, and lawmakers are being influenced by a range of interest groups. In this climate, the existence of groups that can represent the interests of lighting professionals become very important. The IES (and similarly the Lighting Council, representing lighting manufacturers) can fulfil this role by representing the interests of its members on the national decision-making stage. The stronger the membership base, the more substantial the representation can be.


For individuals, membership of the Society adds a level of professional credibility. It is possible that in the (not too distant) future a certain level of professional accreditation may be a prerequisite for performing lighting tasks such as sign-off of designs or audits. There is a growing international movement to have lighting recognised as a professional field in the same way as architecture or engineering, however until this is successful, membership of a professional society such as the IES will be the way this accreditation is measured.


Finally, increased membership of, and involvement with the IES can only serve to strengthen our lighting community and help to further the passion for lighting that we all share. So I would encourage all practitioners in the field of lighting to consider joining, renewing and/or upgrading your IES membership.


text : Anthony Linard