The first attempt for Park Light on 1 May was rained out so it put on hold till after our long, cold winter. On the next date 18 September it rained again but determined to have our Park Light event, the branch booked a backup for the following week.

On Wednesday 25th September the sky was clear, so a bunch of people in the lighting, engineering and architectural industries went into Nara Park at night to add colour, vibrance and texture to the landscape with light.


After a quick top up on pizza and soft drink, we were broken into four groups.  Each group, furnished with a variety of luminaires, set off to light an area.  The four areas included an ‘enclosed garden’ a ‘pergola with lantern’ a ‘creek bed’ and a ‘bridge and creek bed’.


Our judges, Katrina Harris, Neil Hobbs and Peter Russell enjoyed each group’s ability to highlight elements within their set areas.  Each group leader showed creativity while talking through their installation.  One element the judges felt was particularly important was the need to avoid the brightness of the luminaire.  This was very well accomplished in the winning ‘creek bed’ installation.


Canberra Park Light 2013 was another successful year where all had a fun night learning through practical experience. Hopefully Park Light 2014 will be just as successful, and without the rain.


[text : Scott Leslie-McCarthy]