This year’s popular Park Light event was attended by over 50 keen lighting artistes and was held at the Sydney Observatory. And what a wonderful site and sight it was with so many buildings, gardens and vistas to play with.

Five teams of budding Spring flowers had one hour, an extensive range of luminaires to use (kindly donated by the ever-helpful suppliers), and a whole lot of coloured gels.


The never-shrinking Violets created a story within their landscape, of an old man with his seat in the sun and his pool close by, cleverly told by their narrator.


Lovely Lilies dramatically lit the towering front entrance to the Observatory, juxtaposed with strong colours on the art pieces in front.


The wild Daisies cleverly lit the side of the main building in multiple colours, drawing the eye to the dramatic backdrop of the lights of the city skyline behind.  The vista was bookended by a nearby tree, with the trunk lit in a warm colour and the canopy in cool.


The fragrant Rose team illuminated a cute 'gingerbread' cottage on the site, using a warm pallet of colours.  The lintels of the windows were lit as were the corners of the building, this providing sufficient facade lighting for the small size of the building.  The entrance pathway was lit and a large tree 'borrowed' from another section, lit on trunk and branches with cooler greens, to balance the overall picture.


Nodding Daffodils again utilised a warm pallet, a corner of their building illuminated together with a mature Frangipani tree.  The intimate atmosphere created by the team won them approval from their peers on the night.  They were rewarded for their efforts as the winning team with a box of chocolates each.


Everyone braved the chilly harbour breezes and demolished a pile of pizzas at the end.  If you missed out attending this year, this is fast becoming one of our most popular events so get in early next year.


Thanks to the sponsors : Eagle, ECC, ERCO, Euroluce, Light Culture & The Lighting Group.


text : Jan Primrose