Light and music collide in in this installation, suitably named ‘The Enlightening Piano’. Placed on a small stage and encased in a perspex box, each of the piano's keys are attached to lights that vary in colour and intensity, so when played, it offers an extraordinary show of tunes and light. The stage also lights up with different colours that are linked to the music being played. I proved a very popular attraction for all ages and levels of musical skill.

1. Which came first – concept or location? How much does the location influence your creativity?


The Enlightening Piano was conceived by illumni as an analogue / digital social art piece to celebrate the qualities of the Vivid Sydney Festival which include light, music and ideas.  The Campbell's Cove location was carefully selected to so that the Sydney Opera House provided the perfect backdrop because of its relationship to music putting it in context with its environment and providing the public with the ultimate photo to upload to Facebook. Beautifully executed, The Enlightening Piano was designed so that it could be appreciated as a sculptural 'Objet d'art' during daytime hours. Piano recitals were performed by leading students from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. World Renowned Concert Pianist Ambre Hammond performed a one hour recital on The Enlightening Piano. Glenn Sarangapany from Birds of Tokyo stopped by to check it out (was scheduled to perform but cancelled due to technical failure).


The Enlightening Piano received extensive press coverage and has been featured on the front cover of the Sydney Morning Herald's 'Spectrum' Arts Section, Channel 10 News, Radio National, Mondo Arc Magazine, and various others.


With colour representing different notes and compositions, the piano also offers a new perspective on learning music and learning in general - another Enlightening aspect.



2. Who collaborated with you?


The making of the piano from idea to execution involved great efforts from several people. The concept was first created by Illumni and Steensen Varming. The design was then developed and executed by the help of several others, including Xenian, mySmart CTI and York Plastics.


 3. Is there anything you’d like to add?


With all this in mind, it was decided to donate The Enlightening Piano to Arranounbai School, an institution for disabled children encouraging learning through art, music, and technology to empower the children and enhance the ability to communicate across all environments.

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