Thursday, Apr 24, 2014

Though the standard threat was about for this year’s Parklight, the rain held back till a few hours after the guerrilla lighting event was complete.
The event was held in Kings Park close to where the Floriade event is to be held. Like Floriade, this years Parklight had a theme: Yin/Yang, Light & Dark.

Our judges, Katrina Harris, Neil Hobbs and Peter Russell enjoyed each groups attempt at contrasting light with dark.  Each group leader showed a great deal of creativity while explaining how their installation applied to the theme.  One thing the judges commented on was the different way teams evolved their ideas. Additionally, the most successful groups gradually reduced the number of luminaires to just a few.  This was very well accomplished in the winning ‘sculpture in front of the lake’ installation.


Canberra Parklight 2014 was another successful year where all had a fun night learning through practical experience. The addition of a theme to work to was a standout feature of this year’s event. Hopefully Park Light 2015 will be just as dry and successful.