Sunday, Nov 9, 2014

This year Jan Primrose has became the first woman to receive the award for the person who has most conspicuously advanced the aims and objectives of the society in the last year.

She immigrated to Australia at age 11 & worked in various lighting companies and the theatre industry.

She is the person who has devoted so much of their time to make sure the Awards dinners are such a fabulous event. It is a difficult award to arrange and keep quiet because she is the one person who knows second by second who is supposed to be where and do what in exactly what sequence.

She has been on the NSW CMC for over 3 years as the secretary & has been driving force behind the Annual Awards dinners. 



The IES puts on a dinner

Every year there's more than one winner

We all celebrate

It's not left to fate

CMC makes more than one grinner


Their technical producer was Jan

She came up with an ambitious plan

CMC said "You're mad"

She said "You'll be glad.

We should do it because we can"


The first speech was President Tim

Couldn't get on stage cos he's stuck in

his shoes, they were tight

and try as he might

Biggles got trapped in a spin


The Treasurer he was Elvis

Did you see what he did with his pelvis?

His hair was a sight

Gave his missus a fright

When Biggles swapped his hair with Elvis


Now Julie she was the convenor

of Awards, you should've seen her

Freezing nights on the harbour

Where's Elvis's barber?

As judges they couldn't have been keener


Our Leo was such a good sport

In the spotlight he was caught

Who knew he could act?

That's now a known fact

He's a natural, that just can't be taught.


Jason, now he was a star

That man, he's going to go far

Personality shone

Did he wish he had gone

To the front, instead of the bar?


Our sponsors they had a beano

Especially our good friend Rino

Rick was on hand

Glad he didn't have to stand

On the red roof of the casino


We'll do it all again next year

CMC's bold and it's brave with no fear

So come one and all

Just give us a call

Sponsor us and make it the best year


ANONYMOUS (apparently)