Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014

This years Annual Awards Dinner was a great night in a fantastic venue. Our step up into this quality of venue has given the IES NSW chapter the opportunity to offer a wider scope for the Awards presentations, better production facilities and more choices for our sponsors.

The visual presentations were run from six laptops into a vision mixer (and an octopus to operate it).  There was a further in-house system running the two different foyer presentations upstairs and downstairs.  The size of the presentations (remembering each photo was up to 4Mb for clarity and there were up to 200 slides in each presentations) meant that load time was significant.  Each presentation was therefore loaded separately and pre-cued (octopus on wheels along the console desk and back).


Our walk-in presentation showcased all of the award entries which were presented again just before the main lighting design awards.  Once all the awards had been completed, the winning entries were showcased on their own.  The Committee decided this year to support and show our gratitude to our sponsors and provide them with a forum for their best projects.  We were delighted with the response and the quality and range of project images provided.  Every photo had the company logo on it (thanks to each company) with photos randomly arranged.  All in all, a veritable feast for the eyes.  Mind you, the food was of feast quality too.  Mmm mmmm.


It is said that the venue has the best sound system in the Southern Hemisphere and it has only a minute variation in the volume and clarity across the whole room.  I would have to say that I heard every word that was said onstage and that's not easy to achieve in a room full of 400+ excitable luminaires.


Having a venue with a dedicated lighting rig and high enough ceilings to utilize it properly is fitting for our Lighting Awards. Whether it was a simple stage wash for the presentations, the razzamatazz for the winners, the fun of the dancers or lighting the chandeliers, the LED colour changers provided an inexhaustible range of different looks.

Our Awards Dinner is a mammoth undertaking and to paraphrase Guide Dogs NSW, they're Bigger, Bolder and Brighter every year. So thanks to all those involved for a great job well done.  And huge thanks to our generous sponsors without whom it would just be tea and bickies.

Best wishes for the coming season.


Jan Primrose

IESNSW Awards Dinner

Technical Producer