Sunday, Nov 2, 2014

Graeme Foweraker has been a life Fellow of the IES since 2001 and has served as an IES Board member since 2005. One of Graemeā€™s portfolios includes the preparation of membership certificates for Australia and New Zealand as well as producing the plethora of awards certificates October/November each year for each of the six chapters which is a substantial undertaking in a condensed period.

A common story of people in this industry is the same for Graeme . He came across lighting by chance and like a moth to a flame has been entrapped ever since.  Graeme has served the IES in SA since 1976 when each Chapter was a separate entity and Graeme went on in 1987 to serve on the Central Council, an overall governing body until 2000.  In 2000 the IES become one incorporated entity with a Board of Directors and Graeme is currently a serving Board member.


Graeme retired from the workforce in 2001 but continued to dedicate much of his time to the IES and the IES has been very lucky to have such a resource. In this day and age where so many demand to know what the IES will do for them, Graeme is a humble person and an outstanding example of someone who has done nothing but give rather than take. The NSW Chapter thanks Graeme for the hundreds of certificates over the years, for the continued dedication and service and as a token of our appreciation engrave his name on the Dick Chappell award for 2014.


[text : Tim Shotbolt]