Saturday, Jun 14, 2014

Giant rabbits invaded Sydney! Once again the lighting installation artists lured us to the Sydney harbour side. With the barmy winter and a record number of exhibits, crowds were constant every night for 18 days. Public transport struggled despite increases in services. George St was closed from 5pm on weekends and Circular Quay Station closed to avoid crushes.

The footprint of the event was extended from Darling Harbour to Walsh Bay, North Sydney, The Rocks and Circular Quay, as well as lighting up Martin Place. For the first time in the 6 year history the ferries and other water craft became a co-ordinated colour changing show.


It must have taken some organising to get the tallest Quay building owners to allow their facades to be washed aglow with colour & crazy green laser kangeroos hop across them from east to west. Under the Cahill Expressway was a peleton of flashing bike helmets and nearby tetris style rubbish bins beckoned. The crowd favourite trio of projections, Opera House, MCA & Customs House never dissappoint.


An outdoor festival is at the mercy of the elements. The sculptures need to be produced with weather resistant material and sealed safely for the lighting and be stable in all weather conditions. Security is provided around the pieces to protect them from tampering by over curious public and when its all over dismantling needs to be done by trained staff.


Innovation was fresh & teased us again but where to next year?


[text : Julie Van Der Ley]