Thursday, Dec 3, 2015

IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members
From Minutes of Board meeting held 13 November 2015 Brisbane

Dear Members,


The Board of IESANZ Ltd met Friday 13th of November in Brisbane to coincide with the IESANZ Ltd AGM and the Queensland Chapters Gala Awards event.

Please find below an overview of the topics discussed at the meeting, and proposals for 2016.

We are very excited to be starting 2016 on the right foot, and looking forward to collaborative events early in the year to bring all Chapters together and give everyone even greater value from their IES membership in 2016 and beyond.


In Attendance: Adele Locke, Graeme Foweraker, Belinda Hill, Mervin Van Der Linde, Steve Brown, Vessi Ivanova, Andrew Ferreira + TAS Secretariat Ben Williams


Apologies: Patrick Riedent-Tiercelet. David Barrett


New Board for 2016

First a welcome - Andrew Ferreira from the Victorian Chapter has been welcomed onto the Board for 2016 as a Co Opted Director, taking over the seat previously held by David Rooke.  Andrew brings enthusiasm and experience in strategic planning and business management to the table and has already in his first meeting taken on vital development projects - to be announced later in this report.  Welcome to Andrew.

The Board received and accepted the resignation of Patrick Riedent-Tiercelet from the Queensland Chapter.  Patrick joined the Board in 2014 and has made valuable contributions to the Society during his tenure and we thank him for his effort, and look forward to collaborating with him in the future in other roles within the Society.

Patrick’s resignation left a Casual Vacancy in the Queensland Chapter until the elections in 2016.  The Board invited Trent Dutton of the Queensland Chapter to fill that vacancy and Trent has already shown great initiative in developing a membership benefits program to bring more value to members.  We welcome Trent to the Board and look forward to working with him in 2016.


Key topics of discussion:

Previous action items were discussed are evaluated for priority to the Society.  Key action items defined as short term goals are outlined in this report.  Lower priority action items are on record and will be followed up as volunteer time and sub-committee teams are established to manage the workload.


1.1 Director Elections and Co-Option Process

A review of the current process of selection/election for Board Directors will be undertaken to ensure that the Co-Option approach meets the needs of the Society and is also accessible to volunteers.  Once the Board has completed a review internally, this review will be submitted to the Constitution & By Laws Committee for feedback before any changes are potentially made in the new year to streamline the process and make volunteering more appealing to IESANZ members.

Project Leader: Andrew Ferreira


1.2 Calendar of Lighting Events

The Board determined that a calendar of lighting events was needed to enable better planning in 2016.  The calendar will be made accessible for members online.

Project Leader: Steve Brown


1.3 Board Director & CMC Executive Team Training

We are very excited to announce that three volunteer members from each Chapter Management Committee of IESANZ Ltd will be invited by the Society to attend a day long personal development and Society Leadership Day alongside the Board meeting in Melbourne - February 5th 2016.  Further details will be made available to the Chapter Management Committees asap in December to facilitate planning.

This mini management conference will provide the opportunity for Board Directors and CMC members from every Chapter to come together, share ideas, experiences and network.  Professional sessions in leadership and other key elements of volunteer work for the Society will be covered, along with the strategic plan for the Society, which will be outlined by the Board.

We look forward to developing a dynamic and achievable plan for 2016 through this collaborative conference.

Project Leader: Adele Locke


1.4 Member Discounts

The Board has negotiated a discount for IES members on insurance with GIO - announcement to come following this report, and will be sourcing more discounts and commercial benefit agreements in 2016 to bring further value to Society membership.

Project Leader: Trent Dutton


1.5 C&B Committee

The C&B committee submitted a report to the Board for review, and the Board have agreed that changes need to be made to our By-Laws to cover the new implications of RLP, MIES & FIES being recognised in Federal Law.  The Committee will advise the membership when these alterations are ready for member consultation.

Project Leader: Graeme Foweraker


1.6 Sub Committee Formation

The following Sub Committees are either under development, or in the process of being formed to improve management of Society needs.

Education Committee: First Meeting December 7th 2015, will include a member from each Chapter with an Education background for management of the Introduction and CLDA courses owned by IESANZ Education Ltd.

Project Leader: Adele Locke


Disciplinary Committee:  This committee will be formed in 2016 once a structure based on Complaint Management Standards has been crafted.  The committee will be placed to manage complaints received by the Society and ensure that appropriate responses are provided to the public and to members in question.  As our industry becomes more visible, it follows that we receive more communication from the general public which must be handled correctly to ensure all involved have a satisfactory outcome.

Project Leader: Mervin Van Der Linde


Membership Committee:  A collaborative committee to oversee the various needs of members and to ensure projects are seen through to completion.  Lead by the Director on the Board for Membership

A survey for members to complete will be provided in December this year to provide the opportunity for members to comment on their needs from the Society and also to indicate interest in being involved with any of the management teams within IESANZ Ltd & IESANZ Education Ltd.

Project Leader: Adele Locke


1.7 RLP Additional Qualification

Development of a clear application process for RLP and promotion of the qualification to members is being resolved and will shortly be made available to the membership to enable applications for 2016.

Project Leader: Vessi Ivanova


1.8 Friendship Agreements

An agreement has been drawn up for creating a collaborative arrangement between IESANZ and AIA Chapters around Australia and New Zealand for greater exposure to educational and networking opportunities for members of both associations.  The Board is also establishing agreements with CIE Australia & New Zealand.

Project Leader: Steve Brown


1.9 Mentoring Program

I have previously reported on the plan to establish a mentoring program for IESANZ members, and am happy to announce that project has been taken up by the Board for development in 2016 and launching in 2017.

Project Leader: Andrew Ferreira


1.10 Government Consultation

The Society was represented at a recent meeting with the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science on 9 November by Board Member Steve Brown. The meeting was called to discuss the Department's proposed lighting efficiency initiatives, and was also attended by representatives from the Lighting Council Australia as well as industry interest groups.

It was a day of wide ranging discussions, covering the whole gamut from compact fluorescent lamps, halogen and incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps (possible phase-outs on certain types), as well as the establishment of MEPS for commercial luminaires and LEDs.

More meetings are planned, and with much discussion to come it is premature to announce any outcomes at this stage. However it is vital that the Society be represented in order to represent the needs of members. Further information will certainly be provided as discussions develop, and it is intended that any major impacts will be advertised to the membership for feedback at the appropriate time.

Project Leader: Steve Brown


1.11 Awards Programs Review

The Board has undertaken to review all the documentation and procedures for the Awards Programs over 2016 with a view to updating where necessary to ensure an easily understood and accessible awards programs which is uniform across the Society.  All CMCs and Members with commentary regarding the awards program and welcomed to submit comment for discussion and contribute to the future of the IESANZ Awards Program.

It is also noted that this year's International Lighting Design Award recipients were entered by IESANZ Ltd into the IALD Awards program - where their projects were suitable for that global awards program, and we wish them the best of luck.

Project Leader: Belinda Hill


Finally, my congratulations to all of the IESANZ Luminaire Design and IESANZ Lighting Design Excellence award recipients in Australia and New Zealand, and also to all those who took home various other awards on the nights - from the students to the seasoned luminaire and lighting designers.  You all produced inspiring work, and I look forward to seeing what the Australian and New Zealand lighting profession comes up with next.