IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members
From Minutes of Board Meeting held 14 August 2015 Melbourne

Dear Members,

The Board of IESANZ Ltd met Friday 14th of August in Melbourne, below is the overview of the topics discussed, and the projects developed for advancing the Society in the coming months.  The Board achieved a great deal at the meeting (10 pages of minutes and 39 new action items), and members are advised that this will be a long report, conveying that information. 


In Attendance: Adele Locke, David Barrett, Graeme Foweraker, Patrick Rident-Tiercelet, Belinda Hill, Mervin Van Der Linde, Steve Brown, Vessi Ivanova + TAS Secretariat Ben Williams


Apologies: David Rooke


The Board would like to first acknowledge David Rooke’s resignation from the role of Board Director and Vice President of the Society. David is keen to pursue activities outside of the Society, and provided the Board with direction regarding a future Co-opted Director in his advice.  The Board and the Society owe its thanks to David for his contribution over many years, and significant input into the development of the Awards program for IESANZ Ltd Internationally.

David’s resignation from the Board was accepted at the meeting.

In the President’s opening address, the challenges that have faced this Board over the past 10 months were noted, with specific relevance to financial management, and we are pleased to announce that the hard work of the Board over the past 10 months has resulted in the Society staying on its feet financially, and looking very positive for the future.  The key goal for the meeting was to make critical decisions, prioritise future projects and establish working groups and sub-committees which will serve the future needs of the Society.


Key topics of discussion:

Previous action items were discussed are evaluated for priority to the Society.  Key action items defined as short term goals are outlined in this report.  Lower priority action items are on record and will be followed up at volunteer time and sub-committee teams are established to manage the workload.


1.1: Co-Opted Board Directors

The Board re-elected Adele Locke and Graeme Foweraker as Co-Opted Board Directors for the next year, starting after the AGM in November.  Adele Locke was re-elected as President.  Graeme Foweraker is voted in as Company Secretary.

The position of the third Co-opted Board Director remains open following David Rooke’s resignation, and a skill based application process will be undertaken in August/September to bring the best applicants for the role to the attention of the Board.  The Board will then undertake an interview/voting process to ensure the skills needed for the Society are covered in the Board Directors.


1.2 Chapter Management

Chapter must be managed by a higher grade member of the Society, Tech IES or above.  The Society has given lee way to Chapters where this By-Law is not compliant for the incumbent Presidents to upgrade their membership.  This is to be resolved as soon as possible, and will be finalised by the next Board meeting in November.  The reason for this By Law is to ensure that all Chapters are managed by members who are well versed in the Constitution and By Laws of the Society, and are in a position to ensure that all Chapter activities advance the goals of the Society.  As Associate membership is open to anyone with an interest in light, this level of membership does not ensure a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the greater Society.


1.3 Membership Value

An analysis of the costs of membership to the Society vs the values of membership to individuals will be undertaken to enable the Society to better evaluate future projects.  This report once complete, will also enable members to better understand the value of their membership.

Work is on-going to better define the value of membership to IESANZ Ltd, and to bring clarity to members regarding the value of engaging with the Society.  Within this project are plans to bring additional value through the following projects:

  • Mentoring program – provide new lighting professionals with mentoring from experiences lighting professional to ensure passing on of knowledge, and to better prepare future generations
  • Travelling Roadshow conference programs ensuring all Chapters benefit from knowledgeable speakers and engagement with lighting colleagues.
  • Lighting public speaking database – where interested members can register their areas of expertise for groups outside of the Society to access for speaking engagements
  • Improved recognition, and uptake of existing opportunities for MIES and above members to register on the searchable database of the website
  • Expansion of the new Educational programs owned by the Society to meet needs in more niche areas of the profession
  • Wider promotion of IESANZ Ltd and it’s benefits and goals to non-member groups
  • Better access to Chapter activities outside of the members own Chapter ie: presentations and events in other Chapters along with Chapter newsletters

1.4 Review of Membership Application processes

The following membership application processes are under review for simplification, and for validation of applicants

  1. RLP
  2. MIES
  3. Corporate Members

These projects are undertaken to ensure that these grades are accessible to appropriate parties, and that the application process is transparent and easy to follow for everyone looking to advance their career or business in lighting.


1.5 Board Director Training

Board Directors are responsible for many aspects of the Society – Governance and Financial management being the key areas.  The Board will be undertaking training for the 2016 team to ensure that all Directors are better educated about their role, and their obligations to the Society with the aim of improved future management, benefiting all members.


1.6 IESANZ Education Ltd

IESANZ Education Ltd was established in January 2015 to provide a charity organisation management structure for the education programs owned by IESANZ Ltd.  As a charity organisation, it is exempt from costly copyright laws, and enables the Society to establish Tax Deductable education contributions for members both Corporate and Individual to advance the art and science of lighting in future generations.

The Board for IESANZ Education Ltd is wholly responsible to IESANZ Ltd and must engage the Board for all decisions relating to the entity. 

Full establishment documentation for IESANZ Ltd and the proposed Education Trust (ANZLET) are under development.

In addition, the Board is finalising more comprehensive documentation around the management of the Introduction to Lighting course, and the CLDA – Course in Lighting Design & Application, currently provided in SA & WA.  These Education Guidelines will be distributed by early September.

In 2016, a webinar version of the Introduction to Lighting course will be trialled to make it available to a wider group of students, following the development and costing of this proposal.

The Education sub-committee is to be re-established this year to better support the expanding educational programs provided by IESANZ Education Ltd.  Director for Education will provide a governance document outlining the goals of this sub-committee and the Society will support the establishment of the committee.  Members are expected to constitute one educator or facilitator from each Chapter.  The Sub-Committee will vote on its Chair at their first meeting.


1.7 RLP

The recent Australian Federal Government decision to nominate IESANZ Ltd members holding MIES, FIES & RLP as qualified persons has driven a significant effort in clarifying these grades and the ongoing management of member qualification.  CPD points will be introduced for all MIES, FIES and RLP wanting to operate within the ERF legislation and a work group has been established to produce clear documentation around this new opportunity.  The Board is working with the C&B Committee to ensure our guidelines are appropriately updated to reflect this and any future legislative decisions.


1.8 TRansition to TAS secretariat

The transition to TAS for IESANZ Ltd secretariat duties is moving forward as expected.  We have faced some challenges with the MMS system on the website resulting in increased manual work, and an unfortunate virus issue which temporarily blocked access to our MYOB files.  The member management system (MMS) is being reviewed for any potential streamlining which would save the Society further funds, and improve member experiences and opportunities.  Our MYOB file is now accessible, and this year’s audit and financial reporting underway.

The Society has had nearly 200 new members join in the past year, with over 70 in the past quarter showing a very healthy organisation that will continue to grow and provide members with value in the future.


1.9 Website

The Board is discussing the use of a cloud based system for future documentation management, and also streamlining of current practices on the website to improve usability for members, and also access to greater information from other Chapters, such as presentations and newsletters.  Further information will be shared when the Board has completed a review of the current website capabilities against any alternative solutions for financial and performance improvements.

The Board also discussed a document for inclusion on the website – the “IESANZ Competency Scheme” which will outline career paths in lighting and the curatorial role the Society can provide for people’s careers.  This document will be drafted, and uploaded for all members in the near future.

In support of the greater advocacy activity being undertaken by the Board, a new page will be added to the website supporting this role and providing further information to members regarding the reach of the Society.