Friday, Jun 19, 2015

IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members

Notes from Minutes of Board Meeting held 27th May, 2015 Sydney.

IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members

From Minutes of Board Meeting held 27th May, 2015 Sydney.


In Attendance:  Adele Locke, David Rooke, David Barrett, Graeme Foweraker, Patrick Rident-Tiercelet, Belinda Hill, Mervin Van Der Linde, Steve Brown, Vessi Ivanova + TAS Secretariat Julie Krieger & Ben WIlliams


All Board of Directors were in attendance at this Board meeting, with Graeme Foweraker attending via Skype to reduce costs for the Society. All Directors in attendance at the meeting also volunteered their time at SPARC to promote IESANZ Ltd and the art and science of lighting.

The IESANZ Ltd received over 40 applications for Associate membership, over 10 new Corporate membership applications and over 35 requests for Education courses through attending SPARC. This was a great result for the Society and validated the Board decision to attend the event to promote the Society.

The meeting was minuted by the new Secretariat for IESANZ Ltd as our current team were unavailable due to SPARC. TAS (The Association Specialists) provided excellent service, and provided meeting minutes in the promised 3 days. Those minutes have been used as the basis of this meeting report for the membership of IESANZ Ltd.


1    Key topics of discussion


1.1    CMC Communication Strategies

The Presidents Forum (instigated as a monthly email meeting in November 2014) has proved to be a beneficial means of communication between Chapters and Board. All Board Directors will be setting up their own email (or phone if it is preferred) forums with Chapter Management Committees to improve the flow of ideas and information. Forums will be wither bi-monthly or Quarterly, as is deemed most appropriate for the topics of discussion.


1.2    Member Benefits

Reciprocal membership agreements are in discussion with IESNA and SLL to provide all IESANZ Ltd members greater access to information about lighting from around the globe.

Financial Year 2016 will have a focus of review and overhaul of membership processes and benefits, starting with the re-launch of the re-branded “RLP” qualification, to be announced in July.

RLP will be re-branded and re-structured to better meet member’s needs and be more accessible.  The qualification re-definition should resolve many of the outstanding queries from members around this qualification. Further information will be made available shortly.

IESANZ Website is under review, and a cost effective approach to an update of the site is under discussion. Funding streams to support this project are also under discussion. Chapters are again reminded to make as much use of the current site as they can to better support the need for a revised site.

AUSLIGHT15: The Society was approached to be involved in The Smart Lighting Summit – AUSLIGHT15 in Melbourne in September this year. Involvement by means of a contra arrangement between the organisers and the Society has been put in place, and members will be receiving discounted access to the event.


1.3    Society Management

Adjustments to the By Laws will be sent through to the membership shortly which clarify the requirement that a Chapter President must be TechIES or higher, as must the Society President.

Annual Report templates have been provided to Chapters and completed reports are due by the end of August.

Our transition from the existing secretariat agreement with LCA to our new agreement with TAS is progressing professionally. TAS will attend Canberra late June for the formal materials handover, and will be operational as our Secretariat on July 1st 2015. This agreement provides the Society with
a significant reduction in operational costs, and also a dedicated team of 5 staff to meet our administrative needs. The membership will be advised in the last week of June of the change.

Financial management of the Society requires a greater level of detail from both Chapter and administrative level around expenditure. Clearer guidelines and support documentation is being prepared to simplify the navigation of expenses for CMCs. It should be noted that all funds earned by all Chapters of the Society are Society funds, and that Chapters are expected run “self-funded”
each year. Budgets must be submitted at the start of the Financial year for Board approval of planned activities and expenditure. A Chapter should advise the board if they require either assistance to secure funding and/or sponsorship throughout the year and all un-planned expenditure must be approved by the Board prior to commitment being made. This is indicated in the By Laws “That a Chapter may not commit the Society to expenditure which can not be covered
by that Chapter” There is no pot of money to dip into at the Central accounts – as was outlined by the Status Report provided in April.


A Procedures manual covering all Society policies and procedures for management will be provided shortly which will provide both guidelines and suggested avenues for activities and funding to all Chapter Management Committees.

IESANZ Ltd welcomed 55 new associate members in the 3 months preceding this meeting, bringing the annual total for FinYear 15 to approx. 200 new members.


1.4    Awards Programs

Award Fee uniformity across Chapters is under discussion and will be a project over the next couple of years as fees are gradually brought into alignment. The online information for the awards will be updated, and extension of the Student Awards and Daylight Awards programs into all Chapters is also underway.


1.5    Education Programs

The CLDA 2 year course will be rolled out through all Chapters currently without an education option.  The course will be based within a TAFE institution in each location, and further details of the exact process will be made available in the coming months.


Introduction to Lighting will be run in all interested Chapters in the second half of this year.  CMCs are reminded to create a marketing list of lighting businesses OUTSIDE of their membership to promote this course to.  The Intro course is aimed at people working in lighting with little or no technical knowledge, it is not aimed at members of the Society (although recent associate members may find it useful).  A minimum of 10 students is required to run the course


1.6    Standards

A comprehensive review of changes to Standards was tabled, and Mervin (Director of Standards) will provide a 600 word overview to all Chapters by the end of June.


1.7    Advocacy

Agreement has been made between IESANZ Ltd, IALDANZ, CIEANZ and LCA to jointly promote lighting professionals to government and other relevant bodies.  A policy document will be ready to distribute by July.


1.8    Next Meeting

The Board will next meet in Melbourne, August 14th 2015. 


All members are invited to contribute to the agenda for the Board. Issues and Topics raised will be dealt with at the Boards discretion.