Article published on LinkedIn by Matt Flood, June 21,2015

Attention Lighting Consultants, Lighting Suppliers and Lighting Installers involved with Ceiling Recessed Luminaires. This draft standard will GREATLY IMPACT ON YOU if it proceeds.

The DRAFT of AS/NZS 60598.2.2 for Recessed Luminaires is currently out for public comment untill 26 June 2015 and can be downloaded from: Although the intent of the draft is good, in that it is an attempt to improve the safety of installation of Recessed Luminaires.  The draft has many requirements that are in addition to international IEC standards, which will impact on lighting suppliers. These additional requirements will also lead to extensive consideration of ceiling installation conditions for both Lighting Consultants and Installers.  The additional requirements are complex and confusing and could actually result in a reduced level of safety.  I suggest that we need clear and simple installation and safety requirements and I suggest that AS/NZS3000 the Wiring Rules is the standard that should be used for fundamental safety requirements. Please take the time to review the draft standard and submit you comments to Standards Australia: