Friday, May 22, 2015

A Pecha Kucha Evening – not to be missed
Thursday 28th May, 7.00pm

Based on the global sensation going viral, and back after popular demand at SPARC Design in 2014, SPARC International Lighting Event will host its first Pecha Kucha evening, a fast-flowing night of hand-picked lighting experts and architects presenting 20 slides in quick succession.

Each presenter will share their insights and designs on 20 slides over six minutes with each slide advancing after 20 seconds.

Presenters include: Raffaele De Vita, Mirjam Roos, Angela Suarez Lozano, Bettina Easton, Bow Jaruwangsanti, Catriona Simmons and Natasha Modra.

Entry to this event is included in ‘Display ticket’ and kicks off at 7pm on Thursday 28 May in the Seminar Theatre in Hall 2.


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