Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016

IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members From Minutes of Board meeting held 13 May 2016 Melbourne

Presidents report to the Membership May 2016

The Board met face to face May 13 in Melbourne for a full day Board Meeting.  We welcomed two new Board Directors, holding Casual Vacancy positions for SA/NT Chapter – Phil Keane and for WA Chapter – Ian Jennings.

The Board covered a wide range of topics during the day with honest discussion and persistence, enabling us to move many projects forward.

The Board Directors also committed to portfolio-s for the coming year which relate directly to our strategy document, ensuring that we have a leader for each critical area of development for the Society. 


Director Portfolio’s 2017

Director for Education – Ian Jennings, WA

Director for Advocacy – Steve Brown, VIC

Director for Awards – Andrew Ferreira, VIC

Director for Membership – Vessi Ivanova, NSW

Director for Standards – Phil Keane, SA/NT

Director for Communication – Trent Dutton, QLD


Each Director is now working on a detailed outline of the projects and tasks within their portfolio that relate back to the overarching strategy.  With this information in place, the Board will be well positioned to make informed decisions on all future projects and ensure that the Society develops and grows in the best interests of members.

The remaining Board Directors hold executive roles – President – Adele Locke, VIC, Vice President & Treasurer – David Barrett, NZ, Company Secretary & Corporate Brand – Graeme Foweraker, SA

Board Meeting: Friday 13th May 2016

Action items and plans for the future were discussed as follows:


IESANZ Website

The Society website has been a key point of discussion for the past year as we have worked through the various options available for modernising the site.  The Board reviewed a variety of quotes and is in a position following this meeting to make a final decision and initiate the website review in the new financial year.

Alongside this development to the “face” of the website is the upgrade for the member management system to Currinda.  Currinda is a transferrable software protocol which will enable us to make better use of the features on our website – such as membership payments, event ticketing and member information management.  The program integrates directly with our accounting package, saving the Society significant time and expense in the management of our funds.

We look forward to the roll out of this new program with the June annual membership invoices, and anticipate a far more streamlined process for all members in the future, making it easier to book into meetings, dinners and to keep up to date with annual dues.


Awards Programs

As our Chapters get into full swing with planning this year’s Awards Programs and gala events, we are also working together to bring streamline the documentation and procedures for the Awards Programs for 2017.  Currently each Chapter follows a broadly similar process, however there are some variations across regions.  In 2017 we aim to have a single form & procedure for LiDA and LuDA award categories.  This will simplify the entry process hugely for designers and will help to streamline the internal management of awards.  These new documents will also encompass the judging process and criteria.  We are working with members of all Chapters to ensure that the resulting documents are correct and allow for our Awards program to be managed in the same way across all entries and Chapters.


Procedures Manual

We are finally at the end of the development of the current procedures manual.  Financial guidelines have been streamlined and the manual is expected to be delivered to CMCs in June for use, review and comment.

Throughout the development of the manual, the Board has worked to develop current, relevant procedures for all aspects of Society management.  We have uncovered a lot of very useful information, and look forward to everyone involved in the management of the Society working from the same playbook.


TAS renewal and IESANZ Ltd executive officer

We are fast coming up on the end of our first year with TAS, and I am delighted to report that not only have our administration expenses been reduced, we have also pushed through a dramatic amount of administrative streamlining and change to ensure members get the most from their investment in the Society.

The Board has agreed to re-new the TAS contract for a three year term.

The Board has also resolved to act on the long standing intention of hiring an Executive Officer to manage the Society.  It has been shown through many other similar organisations that the stability, continuity of planning, strategy implementation and support of a CEO enhances the success of organisations such as ours.  The CEO will also be responsible for improving the communication of the Society to members and relevant organisations, ensuring that IESANZ Ltd is promoted to the widest possible audience and that members receive the greatest possible benefit from their involvement.

TAS will manage the logistics of the employment process and day to day employment management, and the Board will have the final decision on the person engaged.  The net will be cast wide to find the right talented individual, and we look forward to the stability that the right Executive Officer will bring to the management of the Society.


Financial news

It’s budget time again, and David is working with each Chapter to develop a budget for next year.  The new accounting package, Xero, will allow those budgets to be loaded into the system, alongside the P&L for each Chapter, enabling Chapter Treasurers to see at all times how they are tracking financially.  When it comes to money, information is key, so I’m confident this access to up to date figures will simplify the lives of all CMC members in the coming years.


Lighting magazine and website content

These are the two key avenues for communication to members of the Society.  Members are reminded that their contributions are vital to the success of both platforms.  Chapters can upload a variety of information to the website to inform members, and regular updates and articles should be submitted to RALA for the magazine.

Website training will be offered to CMCs in the next month to ensure those currently in charge of their Chapters pages are up to date and able to access the relevant pages.


International Awards

Our International Award judges are underway with planning this year’s reviews.  The International Awards will be awarded at the New Zealand Chapter Gala Dinner, to be held in Christchurch.


Strategy development

The bones of the strategy document are now complete and Board Directors are completing the detail within each portfolio.  With the completion of next year’s budgets, the strategy document will be ready to be put in place.  The Executive Officer will be put in charge of managing the implementation of the Society Strategy.



Next Meeting

The Board will continue with our monthly teleconference meetings, the first Thursday of each month, and our next face to face meeting will be Friday August 19th.