Friday, Mar 11, 2016

IESANZ Ltd Board Report to Members
From Minutes of Board meeting held 4 February 2016 Melbourne

Dear Members


Since our last report, the Board has been very active in developing strategy and structure documentation and plans to improve Society management.  The report below should provide insight for all members into the activities under development, and planned strategy for the future. The Board met face to face February 4th in Melbourne for a half day Board Meeting and half day strategy session.  This meeting preceded the Leadership Day, Friday 5th February, where three representatives for each Chapter were invited to Melbourne to attend a day of discussion, learning and strategy planning.  Alongside this leadership event, our newly formed Education Committee held their second meeting.  The Board is excited to see the developments at Chapter level following this opportunity for volunteer members to get to know each other, and be inspired and informed by the plans in place for the growth of the Society. The following is a report on Board meetings only; the Strategy Plan is expected to be completed by May/June this year, and will be shared at that time. Those who attended the Leadership Day have been sent a follow up information package, and are encouraged to share all they learned with their CMCs.



Action items and plans for the future were discussed as follows:



The end of January saw the signing of a Deed of Release between IESANZ and Lighting Council Australia regarding SPARC.  It was determined by the board that it is in the best interests of the members that the Society withdraw from the contractual engagement with SPARC event, and invest the time and funds into returning IESANZ Conferences to our calendar.  This agreement was reached with professionalism and understanding by both parties, and we will shortly be scheduling a Strategic Directions Committee meeting with LCA to develop a friendship agreement outlining future support for both organisations through working together on events and topics of mutual interest. The Board has determined that the planning for our first return to the IESANZ Conference shall take place over the next 18 months, resulting in the first conference occurring in 2017.  It is our intention to develop a “travelling roadshow” format for the Conferences, covering three Chapters per conference (eg: Vic/Tas + SA/NT + WA & then NSW + QLD + NZ).  The details of this plan will be made available when they have been resolved.  Any members keen to contribute should submit their ideas and/or desire to volunteer to the Secretariat.



There is an ongoing project involving reviewing our communication and membership processes for the Society, which will result in clear, concise and easy-to-manage membership processes which will provide members with greater value, and encourage new members to join and upgrade.  The renewal process for financial year 2017 should reflect the improvements achieved in this area.  Next year will should also see the return of Membership Cards and the wider distribution of Society pins. As part of this project, the Board has been exploring additional benefits for members.  Late in 2015, we promoted the opportunity for reduced rate insurance, and in the coming weeks will be offering members the opportunity to purchase excellent lighting books for 40% discount on RRP.  More offers and benefits will be developed, and members are welcomed to make suggestions for such to the Secretariat for the Board to develop.



Work continues on preparing a clear guideline for the management of CPD relevant to the RLP qualification, and for the promotion of a bi-annual intake of RLP applications.  The forms for RLP application are also in the process of being updated. CPD points will be structured to include contributions to the Society and relevant lighting committees as personal development and the structure will support technical meetings as well, making them more attractive to our colleagues in allied industries such as Architecture and Engineering.



As a result of many years of advocacy work for the IES, and more recently a re-invigorated approach to promoting the Society to Government and like-minded organisations, the IES is now in communication with numerous government departments discussing education programs, MEPS and other relevant topics.  This month, the finalised Advocacy brochure, supported by key allied lighting organisations (IES, IALD, IDA, CIE & LCA) will be ready for distribution as needed to Chapters for promotion to Construction, Allied organisations and government/council departments, and will be used by the Board for developing relationships further.  By working together, the lighting industry has a stronger voice.



Graeme Foweraker has been elected into the role of Company Secretary for IESANZ Education Ltd. The Education Committee has been formed, holding their first meeting in December 2015, and second in February 2016.  The committee is charged with ensuring that the course content and structure for Introduction to Lighting and Course in Lighting Design & Application are current, appropriate and of a high standard.  They will also be responsible for the development of additional elective subjects and ensuring that any future IES course is established within our guidelines, and maintains the expected standards of the Society.  The committee reports to the Board following each meeting. Committee Chair: Ian Johnson.  Committee Members: Susan Wall, Paula Furlani, Warren Julian, Trevor Stork & Ian Jennings. IESANZ Education Ltd is a subsidiary business of IESANZ Ltd.  It is wholly owned by the Society.  At this early stage, the management structure is held within the Board – that is, three Board Directors of the current Board are also Board Directors for IESANZ Education Ltd.  An organisation chart is available. IESANZ Education Ltd was established to enable the Society to run its Education Programs as a Charity, which provides both financial and management benefits.  IESANZ Education Ltd holds a copyright license which allows us to use referenced materials in our course notes.  As a charity organisation, contributions to the Education Ltd trust: ANZLET (to be established in 2016 with seed money from the Gwen Ewans Bursary) will be tax deductable for organisations and individuals.  It is the intention that ANZLET become a collaborative education fund for allied lighting organisations to support the entire industry. IESANZ Education Ltd will return funds to IESANZ Ltd until such time as establishment costs are recovered, at which point the organisation will begin to turn a profit and provide income streams for the development of future lighting education programs and support for a wide range of students.



It has long been discussed, by various Boards since the Society became a single entity, that an Executive Officer is highly desirable to provide continuity to the management of the Society, and to ensure that information, strategy and projects are communicated, maintained and completed.  To this end, the Board has resolved to investigate engaging an Executive Officer this financial year, who will provide support and business development for the Society.  The Executive Officer will report to the Board and work closely with TAS (Secretariat) to provide greater support and Society development for members. IESANZ LTD WEBSITE + MEMBER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CURRINDA) Following many detailed discussions regarding support, user experience and functionality, the Board has resolved to investigate an upgrade of the Society website.  The goal of this upgrade is to provide a more engaging platform for members, and a simplified content management process for chapters.  As the “Face” of our organisation, it is vital that our website reflect the value of our members, inspire new people to join and get involved and provide existing members with useful information on a regular basis. The Board has also resolved to upgrade our current Member Management System (currently held in the back end of the website) to CURRINDA.  This is a non-proprietary software (i.e. transferable) which provides simplified user interface and a wide variety of event, CPD and membership status management protocols.  This is expected to be completed by the end of the Financial Year.



With the nature of our volunteer organisation, those in committee and management roles are well aware of the challenges of succession planning and passing on information to new volunteer members. To that end, the Board is trialling a project management tool – ASANA – with the view to creating a project specific history to simplify succession planning for future Boards.  Any CMC interested in learning more, and trialling this system are encouraged to ask for more information.